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How to resolve Family Law disputes without going to trial

For family law lawyers Crystal Lawrence and Dustin Tkachuk, success in any legal case means achieving a resolution for the client in the most efficient way possible.

"Too many people are spending too much time in the legal system," says Mr. Tkachuk.   "We are all about finding the most efficient path from A to B.   That means avoiding going to court whenever possible, and even when it is necessary to go to court, we work very hard to find practical solutions."

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Worried man at computer trying to find the right criminal defence lawyer after being charged with a crime and facing the prospect of going to prison.

Get straight answers on your legal prospects

You have just been charged with a crime.  What happens next depends in large part on who you hire to defend you.

Choose Crystal Lawrence and you can expect a determined defence, delivered by an experienced litigator who will give you a realistic appraisal of your legal situation.

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Senior couple meeting with daughter to discuss Will prepared with the help of Lawrence and Tkachuk, an Edmonton law office that also assists people who need a criminal defense lawyer or legal services related to Family Law, immigration applications and real estate law.

Ten things you need to know about Wills & Estates law

1.    Holograph wills (handwritten by the Testator) are recognized in Alberta.   However, they need to be entirely written in the Testator's own handwriting.  Having the Will dated and witnessed by two people is highly recommended.   Holographic Wills should only be used in emergency situations when there is no time to see a lawyer   Holographic Wills are not recommended because they may:

  • Include wording that renders the Will invalid
  • Fail to consider tax or estate implications that lead to increased costs far in excess of what it costs to engage the help of a Wills and Estates lawyer
  • Not comply with your legally defined obligations to family members

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Asian couple reviewing information provided by the law firm Lawrence and Tkachuk for individuals getting ready to buy or sell a home or house and need legal services related to the completion of real estate transactions

Five things you need to know about the buying or selling of a property

1: Purchase agreements should be reviewed by a lawyer to identify and address any conditions that need to be removed or added to protect your interests.

2: To protect against real estate and mortgage fraud, The Law Society requires every lawyer to confirm their client's identity.  Banks have recently increased the amount of documentation required to ascertain a purchaser's identity and income.

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Get the legal help of Edmonton lawyer Crystal Lawrence to make an application for a work permit, student visa, Permanent Residency or citizenship or get legal help to maintain your immigration status.

Need an immigration lawyer? Edmonton lawyer Crystal Lawrence can help

Are you are applying for a work permit, student visa, Permanent Residency or citizenship? Need assistance with sponsorship of a loved one? Facing deportation?

Your chances of success are improved if you have the legal help of Edmonton lawyer Crystal Lawrence, who handles all aspects of immigration law. "It is vital to have the help of a lawyer because immigration law is so complex," notes Ms. Lawrence. "There can also be overlap between Immigration law and other areas of law."

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Meet the lawyers of Lawrence & Tkachuk

photo of Edmonton lawyer Crystal Lawrence

Get to know Edmonton family law lawyer Crystal Lawrence

* Registered Collaborative Lawyer

Crystal A. Lawrence Professional Corporation

photo of Edmonton lawyer Dustin Tkachuk

Get to know Edmonton family law lawyer Dustin Tkachuk

Dustin J. Tkachuk Professional Corporation

Rod Tkachuk of Tkachuk & Patterson is sharing space with us. He can be reached at 780.428.1593 or and this office is an appropriate location to send any mailed or couriered items.