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Need an immigration lawyer? Edmonton lawyer Crystal Lawrence can help

Get the legal help of Edmonton lawyer Crystal Lawrence to make an application for a work permit, student visa, Permanent Residency or citizenship or get legal help to maintain your immigration status.Are you applying for a work permit, student visa, Permanent Residency or citizenship?  Need assistance with sponsorship of a loved one?  Facing deportation?

Your chances of success are improved if you have the legal help of Edmonton lawyer Crystal Lawrence, who handles all aspects of immigration law.   "It is vital to have the help of a lawyer because immigration law is so complex," notes Ms. Lawrence.   "There can also be overlap (links to Crystal case studies) between Immigration law and other areas of law."

Regardless of your prospects, you can expect Ms. Lawrence to recommend a single, cost-efficient strategy, not multiple, fee-expanding strategies; presented in the hope that one might work.   "I have too much respect for my clients to waste their money on legal guess work," says Ms. Lawrence.

"Submissions to an immigration officer need special care and attention," she says.  "You are not just putting your personal information on a form.   There are issues that need to be addressed and some of those issues need to be highlighted to ensure they are noted by the immigration officer."

Yet another key issue is timing.   "An application can fail simply because it was not prepared and submitted at the right time," notes Ms. Lawrence.

If you are interested in arranging a private sponsorship, it is important to remember these guidelines:

  • The Applicant must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Spouse, child, parent, grandparent or any other family member (conditions apply), may be sponsored
  • The Applicant must be able to demonstrate that they can financially support the person being sponsored
  • The person being sponsored does not have the right to vote and is not eligible to receive any financial benefits from the Canadian government

When immigration law and family law intersect

It is not unusual for a single individual to have family law issues that have some impact on their immigration status.

If you are facing a similar challenge with both immigration and family law issues, contact Ms. Lawrence today to request your introductory consultation.  She can be reached by phone or online.

"The worst thing you can do is delay," explains Ms. Lawrence.   "Waiting weeks or a month can make the difference between getting a satisfactory or unsatisfactory resolution."

"I have too much respect for my clients to waste their money on legal guess work."

- Crystal Lawrence


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