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Meet Edmonton family law lawyer Dustin Tkachuk

dustin tkachuk edmonton family lawyerEducation: B.A History, L.L.B

Called to the Bar:  2005

Primary practice:  Family law

Other practice areas:  Real Estate, Wills & Estates

Top three words you associate with being a lawyer:  advice, communication, resolution

Personal Interests: Spending time with my wife and daughter; hiking; soccer; music

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What is the most common mistake made by people with family law legal matter?

Taking advice from family members, friends or neighbors.   If you are involved in a family law matter, you need to speak to a lawyer who practices family law.

When is the right time to seek out legal help?

Most people wait too long.   Getting legal help promptly maximizes your chances of getting the best possible legal outcome.  

What does going to court really mean?

Going to court does not mean the same thing in every case.  Clients often have a choice between Provincial Court and Queen's Bench.   In some circumstances, preliminary applications are necessary, other cases involve more complex applications made to "Special Chambers",  and occasionally a full-blown trial is required.  An important part of my job as your lawyer is to quickly assess what steps are necessary and in the best interests of the client, factoring in expense and length of time to completion.

What is matrimonial property?

If you are married, but are not a registered owner of the matrimonial home, the home would still be considered matrimonial property, and you would be entitled to a portion of the equity therein. If you are in a common-law relationship and not on title, the issue is much more complex and legal help is required to achieve a resolution.

What is Financial Disclosure?

In every family law case involving support or the division of property, the parties are required to exchange their respective financial information in some detail, including, but not limited to, income tax returns, pay stubs and bank statements.

"Too many people are spending too much time in the legal system."

- Dustin Tkachuk


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