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Meet Edmonton family law lawyer Crystal Lawrence

edmonton lawyer crystal lawrenceEducation: B.A. Criminology, (Saint Mary's University); L.L.B. (Dalhousie University)

Called to the Bar: Nova Scotia (2008); Alberta (2010)

Primary practice:  family law

Other practice areas:  Criminal, Immigration

Top three words you associate with being a lawyer:   Integrity; Perseverance; Resolution

Personal Interests: Travelling, exploring different cultures and religions; tennis; swimming

Crystal is also a registered Collaborative Lawyer.  Collaborative Divorce is a respectful process for resolving conflict, with the help of specially trained lawyers and other professionals, without going to court.

For more information on the Collaborative Divorce process, visit the following websites:

Learn more about Crystal by reading about her handling of three legal cases that involved family, immigration and criminal law.

Mediating family law dispute

The parties and their lawyers were able to all sit down together and have a candid discussion about the legal positions taken by both parents.  Most important, there was a frank discussion of what was best for their children.  After receiving independent legal advice, the parents were able to come to an agreement that took into consideration the legal rights of both parties. They ultimately resolved all issues of custody, access, child support, spousal support and division of matrimonial property without incurring further legal costs.

Family law meets Immigration law

The primary issue in this case was the custody of the children, which was made very difficult by the fact that the children had been removed from Canada.  Nevertheless, I was able to obtain the necessary custody orders by working through the Canadian Court system.  I then arranged to have the children returned to Canada with the help of the respective Embassies in both countries.

Family law meets Criminal law

In this case, a parent was denied child access because of  criminal allegations.  I helped the parent regain access by guiding him through first the criminal court system and later the family court, where he obtained the necessary custody and access order required to be reunited with his children.

"I have too much respect for my clients to waste their money on legal guess work."

- Crystal Lawrence


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Get to know Edmonton family law lawyer Crystal Lawrence

* Registered Collaborative Lawyer

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